Wooden Furniture or Exposed Brickwork? 5 Popular Interior Design Styles Demystified

Dec 13 2021


Many people would find it intimidating to have an interior design consultancy in Singapore, especially those who do not have a clear idea of what modern, art deco, industrial, and other terms which are often thrown around in the middle of a discussion. While it is helpful to have a word that can encapsulate a whole concept of an interior design, it would be hard for clients to decipher which is the style for them. As a client, you might have a design in mind or even a combination of two designs, but what terms should you use so you could have a clear discussion with your interior designer?


In this article, you will have a clearer understanding of the five popular interior design styles to help you describe in detail the design you are aiming for and know how each differs from the other.


1. Modern

The word itself entails a broad definition. However, when it is used in the context of interior design, it typically refers to seeing a sleek and uncluttered style that follows the direction of clean, crisp lines. It is a design style that is lauded by its simplicity and long-lasting relevance, thanks to its loyalty to using neutral and monochromatic colours.


The modern interior is one of those design styles that utilise natural materials paired with steel, stone, and other industrial-inspired materials. Often compared to contemporary interior design, what makes modern style stand out is its focus on making decorative pieces with purpose and functionality.


2. Art Deco

Heavily inspired by the Industrial Revolution, art deco follows the iconic early twentieth-century interior design style of French origin with the use of metal and other exotic materials. It includes Macassar ebony and Zebrano woods, lapis lazuli and jade stone, and shagreen. What you will see in an art deco designed home is the geometric lines due to the influence of staying loyal to the period. Expect stylised sunburst and stepped motifs as they are references to cultures of Africa, Russia, and Egypt.


To encapsulate this design style in words: theatricality and excess. It is unapologetic when it comes to decorations since it is aiming to be a flashy spectacle to attract people to its grandiosity. 


3. Industrial

If art deco is inspired by the period of Industrialisation, industrial design only follows and associates the definition of industrial with being bare and undone. Taking inspiration from the lofty look of warehouses, factories, and other industrial structures, what people like most about this is the pleasingly flexible design due to the use of neutral hues and materials that focuses on unique textures. Since everything is trimmed to make room for solid-coloured upholstery and furniture, it is easy to mix and match them because of the use of exposed brickwork architectural details to its design.


If you plan to engage with an office renovation contractor to achieve this interior design in your workplace, you must think of furniture made from wood, aluminium, iron, steel, tin, stone, and copper. Curved shapes are usually avoided when it comes to achieving an industrial feel, but you can always keep them to a minimum to achieve a cohesive design!


4. French

Sometimes referred to as French country interior design style, this is one of the highly respected design processes since it mimics the feel and visuals of the country. When you aim to have this as the theme of your commercial office space, you should be thinking about materialising the word elegance. Collecting antiques and salvage elements of French-country decor, such as wooden furniture is what will help you achieve that rustic and country finish! 


You can enhance this design by installing an eye-catching stone fireplace because it will easily capture the cosy atmosphere and countryside experience. Hence, you would be seeing plenty of warm colours of blue and orange-yellow. 


5. Minimalist

Stripping a house down to its most basic form is the core concept of minimalist interior design. While it may have some similarities to modern interior design, this design style has an uncompromising belief in simplicity. By only incorporating the bare essentials and keeping an open plan layout, it will give a commercial space a sense of freedom and relaxation. Expect to get suggestions from your designer that you get floor-to-ceiling windows because this design style give you the beauty of natural light! These relaxation feelings are further induced by the use of clean lines, smooth surfaces, and elimination of the clutter found in patterned furnishings. 


Deciding Interior Designs with Okamura

While it is a daunting task to finalise and execute a commercial office interior design in Singapore, some people are experienced to help you out. With the assistance of our team of interior design experts here at Okamura, your ideas for your interior design style will come to life. Allow us to simplify concepts so that you can avoid confusion in finding a suitable interior design for your space!


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