Signs It Is Time To Change Your Office Furniture

Feb 03 2023

Signs It Is Time To Change Your Office Furniture


The decision to purchase new office furniture is often put off until it is too late. While most office furniture may look and still function just fine, the average lifespan for commercial furniture is only around a decade. Although some furniture like office desks and cubicles might last a little longer than a decade, items that are used every day like office chairs will be more prone to damage. However, it depends on quality. 


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Not sure if you should replace your office furniture or stick with the items you currently have? Here are some telltale signs that it might be time to buy new office furniture in Singapore


Dated or Mismatched

Even if your office furniture isn’t showing any visible signs of wear and tear, your space shouldn’t look dated or mismatched. If your company has been in business for quite some time or has been extremely successful, chances are the number of employees you have would have increased. Or if you are a newer company that started out with furniture that came along with the building, you might have pieces in various different styles, colours and materials. 


When a company grows, new furniture needs to be purchased, ensuring every employee has an office table, chair or cubicle to work comfortably and efficiently. Ditch mismatched furniture that makes your office look like a patchwork quilt and elevate your space with clean, ergonomic designs. Although looks alone might not justify replacing your office furniture, making sure your office space reflects your brand image clearly could be a good reason to change! 


A good rule of thumb is to give your workspace a refresher every 5 to 10 years to keep things fresh and interesting. 


Doesn’t Reflect Branding

Your company’s branding is what sets your brand apart from your competitors and creates a lasting impression on your clients and customers. This branding should be clearly reflected in your entire office space, from your reception area to your break room. When you often have clients or customers visiting your space, aesthetics and branding should be a conscious consideration, especially in today’s environment where first impression matters the most!


One way you can incorporate your company’s branding is by customising the colour of your furniture. They can either be your company’s official colours or tones that would perfectly blend in with the rest of the space. 


Hinders Productivity

Do you know that the office furniture you have can directly affect the productivity of your team? Let’s start with comfort. When your employees are uncomfortable at their desks, work performance is negatively impacted. Ergonomic office chairs, adjustable tables and natural lighting are just some of the upgrades you can make to help your team stay healthy and happy, allowing them to perform at their best! 


When you are considering an office update, productivity enhancements should be at the top of your design list! 


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