Office Interior Design Projects

Okamura is the leading commercial office interior design contractor in Singapore. We have served many big brands in conceptualising and creating liveable office spaces unique to specific company needs. We are proud to have worked with Dole Asia Holdings Pte Ltd., Yaskawa, Fujifilm, Casio and more. View our commercial office interior design works here.

Project Casio


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Casio’s Singapore office interior was created with a modern and dynamic design. Okamura helped Casio to break away from traditional office space to embrace an innovative and expressive office community.

Project Fuji Film


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We designed Fujifilm’s Singapore office interior according to a ‘Prism’ theme. Okamura expanded and diversified Fujifilm’s office space to create a synergy of spatial flow and directional seamlessness. The project was completed efficiently within 10 months.

Project Jera


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We served leading seaborne energy trading company, JERA, in setting up their first office space in Singapore. Okamura designed the office interior according to a ‘Sustainable Design and Wellness’ theme by opening the office space up to natural sunlight and using products with green labels.

Project Mitsui Bussan Commodities


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Okamura designed an eco-friendly and open interior for Mitsui Bussan Commodities’ Singapore office that helped to integrate their office branding with the workspace. We also provided our elegant furniture to decorate and efficiently complete the space.

Project MMSL


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MMSL’s office was relocated within Singapore, and we designed their new office’s interior inspired by a priority on staff well-being. Okamura included a fusion of vivid & natural textures, as well as natural lighting, to brighten and create a favourable mood in the office space.

Project Risa Partners


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Risa Partners’ office interior was designed to be highly functional and strongly loyal to their corporate identity. A careful analysis of the accessibility needs of guests and internal division staff enabled Okumura to create liveable and effective spaces within this Singapore office.

Project Yaskawa


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Yaskawa’s Singapore’s office interior was intentionally designed to complement their home innovation centre in Japan. A modern and clean office look, Okamura finished designing and renovating this space in a short 10 weeks.

Project Dole Asia Holdings

Dole Asia Holdings Pte. Ltd.

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The concept behind this unique Singapore office interior design was a 'farm with fertile soil' theme. Okamura designed & renovated the office, and supplied original office furniture to complete the space.

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