Risa Partners’ office interior was designed to be highly functional and strongly loyal to their corporate identity. A careful analysis of the accessibility needs of guests and internal division staff enabled Okumura to create liveable and effective spaces within this Singapore office.



Partnership, indeed was the essence of this project.


An investment management company whose platform covers for private equities & real estate ventures.

Risa Partners aspired with an outlook for greater progress in their business proceedings and to cater for.


The client had such interesting inputs in our design approach that brought us in a conclusion of conservative functionality, yet fully illustrate its corporate identity by the presence of its blues & purple color finishing.

Our careful analysis for the various need of accessibility for guests and the internal divisions shaped the orientation of the layout. Where the break area is the point of access in between different divisions, while the executives are in close hand with the private communication spaces.


Simplicity that is, the hospitality that it invoked lasts an impression of trust & valued relations.

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