JERA, one of the leading seaborne energy traders in the global market collaborated with us for setting up their own space in Singapore with the look towards their own future growth as one office entity.


The idea that we came up as a team, leaned on to Sustainable Design and Wellness. A workplace that enhances a fuzz free thinking environment and a pleasant entry to receive business associates with realization of an Elegant impression. Half of the space was allotted for guests and exclusive meeting functions in various scales. In fact, a multi-purpose board room that would to cater for event gatherings.


As the office is located at the apex of one of the building tower, we gain advantage of the natural sunlight for achieving a translucent illumination within. With how good as it looks, we provided most of the products in green label that aligned to the sustainable direction.


When working on, the client enthusiastically undertook this project and was much receptive to our ideas. The selection of the materials and furniture came easy in such a way and they appreciated the additions of greeneries & artworks that enhanced the overall pleasantry.

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