Storage Shelves

Storage shelves systems can work for all different types of spaces. Our catalogue include shorter and more compact storage systems that fit under the desk, taller and more extensive storage systems that can be placed against the office walls. Storage compartments may be customised according to your needs and are also secured with various types of lock systems, like the cylinder lock and keyless system. Browse functional storage shelves systems furniture for your Singapore office here.

Why Buy Storage Shelves from Okamura Singapore?


Storage shelves are among the most ideal furniture pieces to add to an office. These furniture pieces can make organising easier, can free up floor space in the office, and can improve the aesthetic quality of the interiors. Our storage shelves here at Okamura Singapore, come in various designs to meet the needs of offices. Whether you are looking for a space saving storage shelf or a grand and classy floor to ceiling storage shelves, we have them here at Okamura Singapore.

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Know More About Our Storage Shelves

The flexibility of choosing what you want exactly of course is the ultimate choice however the complexity and time taken will also be very different from buying off the shelf ready-made storage shelves. So the first question would be to ask yourself whether you have the design and structure in mind or you would prefer to save yourself some trouble thinking through?

Not at all. Buying wood lumbers in retail is not economical as they have very high retail prices. Moreover, there is always the chance of not successfully completing the project which will render all the expenses to waste.

One of the best ways to save space using storage shelves is to get the right shelves with an adequate number of compartments to fit all your belongings to.