Adjustable Standing Table in Singapore

The long hours of sitting in front of our computer screens may cause serious health risks in the long run. Apart from eye problems associated with the use of computers, musculoskeletal problems may also pose a threat. This is the very reason why standing table in Singapore becomes a thing. Standing table is basically a work table with adjustable legs. Thus, as the name implies, you may adjust the table to your seat and stand height. This adjustable table allows working adults to have more room to exercise and stretch their legs from time to time while working. Using an adjustable table also proves to have a positive influence in terms of productivity as you will be encouraged to avoid a sedentary lifestyle. Here at Okamura, we are offering a wide range of adjustable tables for your space and design requirements. Browse our products below:


Our sit-to-stand adjustable tables in Singapore are crafted to enhance the comfort and versatility of offices. Standing tables can be easily adjusted to different heights, which helps meet the needs of any user at all times. Sit-to-stand adjustable tables can also be lowered and raised to sitting and standing heights, allowing for versatile use. Browse sitting-to-standing tables here!

Why Choose Okamura’s Adjustable Tables?

Okamura has been providing quality furniture pieces for homes and offices in Singapore for years. Our clients trust the sturdiness, aesthetic quality and excellent functionality our furniture has to offer. With years of experience selling furniture pieces in Singapore, we also gain some useful knowledge on what our customers are looking for. Thus, one of the innovative products we are offering today is the adjustable table. This type of table can be modified into a regular and standing table. All of the models for our adjustable table are made with intricate attention to details. Ensuring that the bolts and every other part of the table are working and durable. With this, you can guarantee that your standing table will last for a long time and is worth the price. We have a variety of designs, colours, and materials you can choose from, for the adjustable tables. This is so you can choose the best table to fit your home or office interior design.

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