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With lounge chairs in Singapore, it gives your living room a soft touch. Extra-comfy elements on a lounge chair include big cushions and plush armrests. If your living room or lounge area is big enough, you can consider looking for an extra-large lounge chair that provides you more space to rest for ultimate comfort. The attractive accent colors from the lounge chairs’ mid-century modern style, will surely liven up your living room. Pick one that matches your couch, or go with contrasting hues and materials to make a chic focal point in the space. Find the lounge chair that fits well in your house. They are equally elegant on their own or when paired with other living room furniture pieces.


Our lounge chairs are crafted not just for productivity, but also for comfort. Lounge areas in the office can be used as casual meetings that portray a relaxing vibe in workplaces. Especially when the lounge area is the place where visitors first enter and first impression counts. The Lives collection of lounge chairs in Singapore are designed to bring comfort and a casual cafe-style look to the office. Nagare lounge chairs also work as great touchpoints for catch up sessions. We have a lounge chair just for your every need. Browse lounge furniture here.

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Okamura Singapore has been supplying high-quality made in Japan lounge chairs for years. Since our inception, we have provided lounge chairs for countless offices over the island. Our excellent awareness of our clients’ demands is the result of our many years of expertise. Discuss your workspace with us, and we’ll offer the best suitable lounge chair to address your issue. We also provide a wide variety of lounge chair styles for you to pick from. We offer a specific lounge chair for every need, with options for patterns, heights, extra features, and materials utilised in addition to colour and colour combinations.

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