Engineered simplicity.


In today’s workplace, conference rooms are challenged with shrinking size as well as the need to adapt to evolving technologies. Traverse is a collection of two conference tables defined by narrow contours that broaden office space, bringing people together beautifully.


Traverse is designed by Rainlight. Rainlight is an integrated studio located in London and Los Angeles with client collaborations across North America, Europe, and Asia. More than a design practice, we discover the needs of a changing world through cross-cultural research within our own network of experts in various market sectors. Part Laboratory, part workshop, part studio, Rainlight combines inspired design thinking with business acumen to create artefacts that enhance how people live, work, and play in the real world.


  • The minimal silhouette of Traverse v collection is achieved through a simple, canted leg design mirrored on either side of the table.
  • The table top is incredibly thin, less than 1″ at its thickest point and tapering to a knife edge. With a span of up to 20 feet long, the top creates the effect of a hovering plane, in a rectangle, boat or oval shape.
  • Traverse tables are offered in beautiful, high quality finishes – ranging from traditional veneers to unique reconstituted woods. Transitions between sections of the tabletop are seamless, creating a single, uninterrupted, beautiful span.
  • Integrated technology is concealed within each design, allowing for future flexibility. As technology tools advance toward wireless offices, Traverse locates power and data in its Tech Cradle – a small connective box discreetly tucked under the table top. Cables are hidden within the legs, ensuring a polished look and more usable space.


  • Shape: Rectangle / Boat / Oval
  • Top Edge: Knife / Flat / Flat metallic


  • Credenza:
    The Credenza was designed to fit various conference room interiors. Its simple design and sophisticated details match high-end boardrooms beautifully. The Credenza is offered in 6 high-quality wood veneer finishes, aligned with the traverse conference table.
    Variation: Aluminum base / Plinth base


  • Environmental Features
    Made from recycled materials (10% by product weight).
    37% recyclable.


Traverse Brochure

Instructions for use

traverse PDF(996KB)

credenza PDF(884KB)

Spec guide


Environmental data sheet

traverse PDF(3.65MB)

credenza PDF(1.60MB)


Colors Variations

Natural Wood Veneer (table, credenza)


Reconstituted Wood Veneer (table, credenza)


Premium Reconstituted Wood veneer (table, credenza)


Glass (credenza)


CorianĀ® (credenza)


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