Fully designed to offer optimum positioning for office workers.


Work standing or work sitting. Having this flexibility is healthy, inspiring and efficient for office workers. No more adapting your work style to the desk, now the desk adapts to your work style. Move the surface of the desk up or down quickly and with ease, creating the optimum positioning for the worker when it’s needed. With full focus on freed movement, comfort and safety, this flexible SW is a fusion of design and functionality.



  • Up/Down Transition
    Quick, quiet and flexible. Supports workers with smooth up/down adjustability. Starts off slowly and then speeds up. The desk can be adjusted freely to suit a worker’s needs and fixed at any desired height. When lowering, it will stop in a fixed position before slowing moving lower.
    *Desk: H25 1/2-49inch(H650-1250mm)
    *Table: H27 1/2-49inch(H700-1250mm)
  • Sloped edge
    The edge of the desk is rounded to reduce burden on the arms. It maintains comfort in both sitting and standing positions. The desk has a sloped edge that can be leaned against when standing. It is designed to reduce burden on the arms even when a worker leans on it to write or use a computer.
  • Reverse Feature
    Immediately detects when it contacts an object while in motion. Automatic safety devices installed in all the tables. The up/down function stops automatically when the table comes in contact with an unknown object. A safety device is installed which returns the table to a height about an inch from where the object is detected. With an energy-saving stand-by power of 0.1 watts, it’s designed to have a long life span of up to 10,000 up-down performance.
    *The effects are not guaranteed under all conditions.

Styling Options

  • Work table: Free Standing / L-shaped / Bench
  • Conference table: 2-column / 4-column

Customization Option

Work table:
  • Panel(Free Standing / L-shaped)
    Front screen / Front and side screens
  • Panel(Bench)
    Individual screen / Fixed screen
  • Common
    Control panel(Button with indicator / Button without indicator / Lever without indicator)
    Cable tray
    Desktop power unit
    Table connector
    Cable guard
  • Conference table:
    Control panel(Button with indicator / Button without indicator / Lever without indicator)
    Vertical cable guard




SW Brochure PDF

Instruction For Use


Environmental data sheet


  • Conference-table (wide type)
  • Conference-table (with wiring opening)
  • Work-table (120° type)
  • Work-table (L-shaped type)
  • Work-table (bench type)
  • Work-table (free standing type)
  • Work-table (square top plate type)
  • Work-table Neo Wood Dark
  • Work-table Neo Wood Light
  • Work-table Neo Wood Medium
  • Work-table White