Striker – The Game Changer


We will utilize the many product development knowledge we have provided to the office environment to realize a gaming furniture that properly and comfortably supports different postures depending on the type of game at the seating and desk.

Okamura, which has continued to deliver highly reliable products to the world with the development spirit of “good products are profitable after all,” will start a new brand in November 2020.


We provide the comfort, reliability, and comfort of office furniture to everyone who enjoys “STRIKER” e-Sports.

Appropriate body pressure

The STRIKER seat cushions are made using the technology cultivated in office seating. There is no local high pressure part on the seat surface, and the load is gently distributed from the hip part. The upper body distributes weight throughout the backrest for a comfortable seating.


Reclining function

The forward leaning posture is effective when you want to concentrate more deeply or when you want to play quickly. Benefits such as “relieving pressure on the abdomen” and “reducing the burden on the lower back by raising the pelvis and maintaining the S-shape of the spine” are brought about.



For players to be more comfortable, focused and win the game. STRIKER was designed with the theme of both ergonomics and design. It is a product brand consisting of three genres: seating, desk, and shelf.



The curved surface of the accent color that flows from the top to the bottom is designed so that it is powerful when viewed from the front and feels flowing when viewed from the side by giving it a three-dimensional change. The unique outline gives a strong impression and leads the player to a new zone.



The mechanism developed for the office seating Sylphy is also used for the striker EX type. It blocks the line of sight of the surroundings. It is designed so that you can feel a moderate “muffled feeling” without feeling oppressive and can concentrate on playing the game.


3D arm

By taking a position suitable for operating various gaming devices, you can reduce the fatigue of your wrists, arms and shoulders.


High quality cushion

High-quality back and seat cushions, which are also specs for office seating, provide proper support for the player’s body. Breathable fabric is used for the parts that come into direct contact with the body, and vinyl leather is used for the sculptural parts to achieve both aesthetics and functionality. You can choose from three accent colors: red, blue, and black.



Colors Variations

Vinyl Leather


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