Sabrina. Beauty at work.

Sabrina embodies Okamura’s philosophy of design, in which beauty and comfort work together to create lasting trust and confidence. The iconic flexible ring structure creates a striking and streamlined visual. The chair supports your posture, flexing to follow every movement. Lean back, stretch, reach — Sabrina accommodates every movement in a way that feels natural. So you can work effortlessly.

Sabrina Standard

Setting the standard for comfort. Sabrina Standard’s Synchro reclining mechanism moves in sync with you – when you move in the chair, the backrest and seat move backwards or forwards accordingly – supporting to your body at all times.


The Iconic Sabrina Ring Structure

Superlative technology, in a shapely appearance. The inner frame embraces you as you sit, while the outer frames fan out, allowing for your body to bend effortlessly to the left and right. As you move, air flows through the strong, flexible mesh, adding a sense of lightness and comfort.

  • Sabrina Standard
    Five-star leg base
    3D Adjustable arm
    Adjustable seat height
    Adjustable seat depth
    Lockable reclining positions
    Adjustable reclining tension
    Syncro reclining
    Multiple Density Cushion


  • Armrests: Adjustable / Fixed / Armless*
    *Standard High back type only
  • Body color: Black or White
  • Headrest (Fixed)
  • Coat hanger
  • Adjustable lumbar support


  • Environmental Features
    Designed for disassembly and recycling
    PET recycled fabric
    Design for longevity and durability
    Positive use of recycled resin is adopted
    Developed and manufactured through an ISO14001 managed operation with minimal use of environmentally hazardous substances.


Sabrina Standard


Sabrina Brochure

Instruction for use in English

PDF – Sabrina Standard(3.84MB)

Instruction for use in six European languages

PDF – Sabrina Standard(6.19MB)

Spec Guide


Environmental data sheet

PDF – Sabrina Standard(1.97MB)




Colors Variations





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