muffle creates the right balance. For both concentration and collaboration space.


With such diverse personalities and workstyle preferences in the office, we believe work environments need to be adaptable. Muffle creates spaces within open offices that promote varying levels of concentration and collaboration.
Some work is facilitated by isolated space for individual concentration. Other work is better suited for a more open, collaborative setting. Muffle enhances both individual and group work by providing a discrete space with visual boundaries and acoustic management, supplemented with integrated tech support. By reducing excess sensory stimulation, Muffle mitigates distractions and curbs stress, while the cushioned surface and soft fabric create a warm, yet relaxed focus. The multitude of color and layout options allows for diverse spaces that meet the needs of a variety of workers.


  • Muffle reduces sound distraction with acoustic NRC and SAA values of 0.5.
  • The surrounding panels come in several height options to create spaces with virtually any degree of solitude or community.

Styling Options

  • Individual Booth Unit
    Booth Set MR/ML
    Booth Set MM
    Booth Set H
    Booth Set S
  • Box Meeting Unit
    Box Meeting(w/Bridge)
    Box Meeting L
    Box Meeting M
  • Sofa Unit
    Meeting Set A
    Round Set B
  • Panel
    Straight Panel
    R Panel
  • Table & Sofa
    Low Table
    Sofa – seating 3
    Sofa – rounded on both sides
    Sofa – rounded on both sides with casters
    Sofa – corner type 1350R
    Sofa – rounded one side type R
    Sofa – rounded one side type L
  • Trim Color
    Pale gray trim(ZC11)
    – Dimple fabric
    Black trim(Z25)
    – Interlock fabric


  • Environmental FeaturesRecycled materials are used in aluminum and wood quality parts. These materials make up about 52% by product weight.
    With future recyclability firmly in mind during the design stage, we use homogeneous materials as much as possible. After use, our products can be collected and disassembled into homogeneous materials.


Muffle Brochure

muffle panel Instructions for use


muffle sofa Instructions for use


Spec guide


Survey results


Environmental data sheet



Fabric - Dimple


Panel Fabric - Interlock


Seat Fabric - Interlock


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