Synchronized Performance


Choral’s name symbolizes the concept of a “perfectly tuned chair”—ergonomically tuned to your body and aesthetically tuned to the office. This simple approach has achieved a timeless design and dynamic beauty that is harmonized to complement a multitude of office environments.
Our aim was to create a highly functional product within the simplest form possible. With pressure to create a highly functional office chair, the assumption would be that a more complex product would materialize. Yet complex forms and functions are not always appealing, so we worked tirelessly to mask exceptional comfort, ergonomics and function in an impeccably simple design. The result we achieved with Choral is an aesthetically minimalist design with intuitive features and extensive ergonomic adjustments.


  • The synchronized Ankle-Tilt reclining mechanism reflects Okamura’s strong belief in ergonomically correct and user friendly products. The reclining movement with the load distributed from the ankle provides a natural movement that also reduces pressure to the upper leg area. Choral has a reclining angle up to 23°
  • The Quick Slide mechanism will alter the seatback tension with the flick of your wrist. This easy operation enables users to adjust the tension with the free positioning slide lever and has a wide adjustment range to suit everyone.
  • Choral nearly exceeds Universal Design, having all adjustment levers positioned within close-reach under the seat front. Users can instinctively reach any lever without looking. Plus with so many adjustments, Choral can be fine-tuned to almost any body type.
  • The Multi-Density Seat Cushion distributes body weight evenly to reduce pressure points and improves blood circulation for healthy sitting and superior comfort.
  • The Seat Pivot Suspension allows the plastic seat pan to flex, effectively embracing and cradling the user.


  • Styling Options
    Extra High back / High back / Middle back
    Backrest: Mesh / Upholstery
  • Customization Option
    Armrests: Adjustable / Fixed / Armless
    Backrest cushion cover: elastic mesh or upholstered
    Aluminium backrest frame & base: polished or powder-coated
    Body color: Black or White
  • Optional Extras
    Adjustable Headrest
    Adjustable Coat hanger
    Adjustable lumbar support


  • Environmental Features
    Designed to be durable.
    Made from recycled materials (53% by product weight).
    Developed and manufactured through an ISO14001 managed operation with minimal use of environmentally hazardous substances.
    100% recyclable.
    Main components are labeled and easy to disassemble to aid recycling.




Choral Brochure
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Instruction for use in English


Instruction for use in six European languages


Spec Guide


Environmental data sheet




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