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High Mesh Back | Black Body with armrest | Leg: Plastic | All colours
Shipping: 10 to 12 weeks


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Okamura understands that people are shaped differently. To accommodate different body types, we developed a unique and easily adjustable seat curve that supports a wide range of back sizes. The back curve adjustment helps Sylphy achieve personalized seating comfort for the whole office.


  • The Back Curve Adjustment equips Sylphy to accommodate any body type. By pulling down the levers on both sides of the seat back, the curve becomes gentler to fit a large build. Pulling the levers up creates a narrow curve to support a smaller statue.
  • The Hovering Frame has a slight flex, allowing the user to stretch and move while maintaining a healthy S-curve of the spine.
  • The Multi-Density Seat Cushion distributes body weight evenly to reduce pressure points and improves blood circulation for healthy sitting and superior comfort.
  • The Quick and Easy Recline Adjustment knob allows you to precisely control recline resistance. The strength of resistance can be adjusted from maximum to minimum tension with just two full twists of the adjustment knob—always with ankle-tilt synchro-recline.
  • The Recline and Tilt Lock dial allows you to lock Sylphy in recline of up to 23° or forward tilt 10°.


  • Styling Options
    • High Back
    • Elastic mesh back
    • Armrests: Adjustable
    • Body color: Black or White
    • Leg: Plastic


Environmental Features
  • Recycled materials are used in aluminum and resin parts. These materials make up about 30% of the product weight.
  • With future recyclability firmly in mind during the design stage, we use homogeneous materials as much as possible. After use, our products can be collected and disassembled into homogeneous materials.
  • Okamura uses environmentally friendly materials and modular designed parts. Additionally, major resin parts are labeled for easier recycling and disposal.
  • Sylphy is designed with a mind for easy disassembly and recycling so materials can be thoroughly separated into same groups.
  • With the new recycling technology, Sylphy adopts PET bottle recycled cloth made of polyester threads recycled from PET plastic bottles and reclaimed fiber.
  • As the seat backrest cushion can be replaced separately, maintenance for longer use is possible.
  • Positive use of regenerated resin is adopted for the efficient use of resources.
  • Sylphy

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Beige, Black, Blue Green, Dark Green, Light Gray, Lime Green, Medium Blue, Medium Gray, Orange, Purple, Red


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