How To Optimise Your Office Space

Mar 01 2023

How To Optimise Your Office Space


Commitment and focus are the heart and soul of a business and if you want to influence and improve your employees’ productivity and morale directly, you can start by changing the structure and setting of your office. Beyond location, do also look at the furniture and equipment layout, the flow between spaces and the overall vibe of your office workstation


You will be surprised at the difference optimising your work environment can make when it comes to an efficient and effective workplace. For example, a dull, dark and cramped space is more likely to dampen productivity compared to a bright, open one.. So, here are some ways you can change up your office space.


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1. Create Opportunities For Movement

One of the best ways to stay focused at work is to take short, quick breaks in between your tasks to gain new ideas and perspective on what you are currently working on. A standing table or an adjustable table encourages your employees to change their position when they get tired of sitting for too long, which is not only beneficial to their productivity level but their overall health as well. 


You can also create other opportunities for movement with design elements like placing the copy machine or water dispenser on the other end of the room from your employees’ workstation which would motivate them to stand up and move from time to time. 


2. Keep Your Space Clean

The phrase ‘cluttered desk, cluttered mind’ may ring true for certain individuals. A messy work desk can be distracting, thus impeding productivity. So, before starting your day, take a few minutes to tidy up your workspace by throwing out unnecessary items.


You can also personalise your space with items that inspire productivity to create an emotional connection to your work but it is also important that you do not let these personal touches distract you from your daily tasks. 


3. Physical Layout Is Not The Only Focus

While the physical layout of your office is certainly important, it is also crucial that you create an environment that promotes productivity. It does not matter the type of  latest technology or creative office layout you have if your business’s values and vision have not been defined.


By generating excitement around the values of your brand, you create a fun yet strong company culture that rewards effort and encourages the key people in your company which are your employees. A defined company culture sets a positive environment that enhances productivity and happiness. 


As work-life and people’s needs change continuously, so do working styles, projects and team collaborations. So, office space optimization is a continuous process to keep up with the ever-changing requirements. To help you get started on your journey of optimising your office, do consider these ideas and tips!  If you need help with office furniture like ergonomic chairs and work desks, do visit Okamura’s website to check out our newest collections or contact us today to know more