How to Design a Productive Collaborative Space

Nov 09 2022
How to Design a Productive Collaborative Space


An office is the centre of a company’s success. It is also the place where employees spend most of their waking hours, working together as well as brainstorming new ideas and solutions. If the goal is to increase productivity and efficiency, introducing a collaborative workspace is the way to go about it.


According to a survey, most satisfied employees rank “opportunities to work as a collaborative team” as the best way to boost their careers. It also revealed that more than half of happy employees collaborate with 5 or more people in their office on any given day. With this in mind, it’s definitely worth investing time and energy in creating a space that promotes collaboration, productivity and ultimately, happiness.


Unlike conventional companies that prefer isolated spaces with independent work cubicles. A collaborative space allows employees to easily exchange opinions, ideas and encourage teamwork. With appropriate coworking furniture in place, you can transform any office space into a collaborative workspace. Here are some furniture you can start with.


Proper Conference/Meeting Tables


Meeting and conference rooms are the places where all ideas and creations are born. Making sure these rooms are comfortable and well-equipped is the key to encouraging more effective results. Large meeting and conference tables that can also be doubled as collaborative tables are a great investment in this aspect. Do ensure they are equipped with power outlets, task lighting, and data sockets to make working together a breeze.


Standing or adjustable tables can also be used for meeting purposes, to accommodate employees who prefer to stand while they work.


Touch-down Spots


Touchdown spots are areas where employees can work from their laptops quickly and efficiently. It can be a private room, a lounge, a meeting room or even a collaborative area that offers adequate internet access. Touchdown spots allow employees to quickly respond to an email, a pending task or a call in between meetings and other work.


Some areas that can be used as touchdown spots are:


Waiting Area – Spruce up this space beyond an area for clients to simply sit and wait. You can integrate power sockets into lounge sofas so anyone can work while they wait for their next meeting.


Privacy Booths – There’s a natural rhythm to a perfect collaboration. People need to focus alone or in pairs to generate ideas and process information before they gather together as a group to discuss ideas. Consider creating personal meetings or phone call booths for enhanced privacy.


They are perfect for one-to-one meetings, casual conversations and to work privately without much distractions. Sometimes, employees just need that alone and private time at work to think, recharge and focus on their ideas and tasks. Just like any other workstation, do ensure these booths have comfortable seatings, small work desks, electric outlets and data sockets.


Lounge Area lounge sofa Singapore


Lounge Area – Lounge areas are great for when an employee needs a change of environment. Sitting on a comfortable lounge sofa with a laptop for an hour or two might be even more productive after a change of scenery. You can consider tables with wheels that can be moved around as and when needed for the lounge area.


Adjustable and Movable Office Furniture


Furniture that can be easily moved around a space and adjusted to suit a certain height allows employees to brainstorm and work together efficiently. Have flexible options like freestanding media units, independent pouffes, adjustable tables, high tables, high chairs and multipurpose stools to promote a more comfortable yet efficient collaboration anywhere in the office.


Well-designed, coworking and collaborative workspaces support your employees in many ways. Not only are they a space that sparks creativity and discussion, but they also encourage the sharing of ideas and enable an active and happy work environment.


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