How to Create an Ergonomic Home Workstation

Jul 25 2022
How to Create an Ergonomic Home Workstation


When the global pandemic was at its peak, a bevy of restrictions and safety measures abounded. One of the most prevalent was the introduction of working from home to better safeguard our health. Though we are slowly shifting back to normalcy and most of us can now return to the office, hybrid and remote working will always be an option for some companies. Perhaps the best part of working from home lies in the flexibility you get in designing and setting up your own workstation. Ideally, creating an ergonomic home workstation is highly recommended to increase productivity and comfort. In this article, we take a closer look at how you can construct your very own ergonomic home workstation.


Ergonomic Desks


Ergonomic Desks Home furniture in Singapore


The very first component you would require in your ergonomic home workstation setup is an ergonomic home office desk. Ergonomic desks are designed to provide optimum comfort and minimise potential injuries due to prolonged working hours at an uncomfortable angle. They also reduce the amount of time spent sitting. This is where an adjustable home office desk comes in handy, allowing you to stand or sit whenever you please. Below are some of the best practices to follow to ensure the best ergonomics with regards to setting up your ergonomic desk.


  • Your legs should sit comfortably under the desk with sufficient space to cross your legs.

  • Your upper arms should align with your torso, resting comfortably on your desk.

  • When it comes to a standing desk, ensure that the table height is at or slightly below your elbow height.


Ergonomic Chairs


Ergonomic Chairs Home office furniture in Singapore


Just like ergonomic desks, ergonomic chairs are designed for unparalleled comfort, reducing the risk of pains and aches in common areas such as your neck, back and shoulders. A fundamental feature of an ergonomic office chair in Singapore is the natural ‘S’ shape of the spine, which reduces stress on the spine and pelvis, encouraging healthy sitting postures. With time, ergonomic chairs have evolved to include more features like backrest recline, seat tilting, swivel and more, taking comfort and ergonomics to the next level. Ergonomic chairs are best maximised when they are accompanied with good sitting habits as shown below.


  • Adjust your seat height such that you can comfortably place your feet flat on the floor. A seat height between 16 to 21 inches works for most.

  • Ensure that there is a 2-4 inches of space between the back of your knees and the edge of your seat to decrease pressure at the back of your knees.

  • For ergonomic chairs with the seat tilt feature, ensure that the tilt keeps the pelvis in a neutral position with 80 degree angles at the hips, knees and ankles.


Good Lighting


Good Lighting Home Ergonomic chair in Singapore


Beyond investing in quality home office furniture, other elements should be taken into account as well for the ultimate ergonomic work from home experience. Often overlooked, good lighting plays a significant role in contributing to the overall. Poor lighting can lead to eye strains and headaches, negatively impacting work productivity. Take advantage of natural lighting and position your desk near a window if possible. With that being said, glares may also be a cause of concern should your lighting be too bright. You can combat this by adding blinds to your windows, or if you are using overhead lighting, opt for lower intensity or conventional fluorescent light fixtures with diffusers to soften light intensity.


Good ergonomics is key to empowering greater productivity and happiness. Considering that most of our time is spent on working, it is advisable not to compromise on comfort and invest in quality home office furniture for the betterment of our overall health and wellbeing.


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