How to Accentuate your Brand Through your Office Design

Oct 20 2022
Modern office with office furnitures in Singapore


The design of your workplace tells a story. It serves as an opportunity to develop a modern and creative environment that reflects your brand and communicates your credibility. Emphasising your brand characteristics and personality through office furniture, colours and more, empowers a conducive work environment allowing your employees to deliver your brand message and promise. As such, here are some design tips to help you prioritise self-expression without compromising on brand identity!


Power of Colours


Colours are considered an important factor in branding and your company most probably has a specific colour scheme for branding purposes. Therefore, taking reference to your brand’s colour palette when designing your office is a good place to start. 


But, don’t just stick to the brand colours. Think about the emotional environment you would like to evoke in your working space:


  • Calming and soothing – You should consider cool blues or muted colours and greys. 
  • Energetic and creative – Bright summer colours like yellows, reds and oranges are what you need. 
  • Grand and regal – Deep maroon and purple might just do the trick.


If you do not have the budget to go all out, splashes of colours can give your lacklustre space a dash of personality.


Right Furniture and Furnishings


Office decor goes a long way in conveying your company’s missions and visions. Well-chosen office furniture can make your office look comfortable, welcoming, trustworthy, rustic, professional or whatever value you would like to express. Modern design elements like incorporating greenery for a more relaxing and refreshing look are considered to be sophisticated and sleek. In fields where trust and expertise are crucial such as medicine and law, including traditional elements like academic certificates and achievements on the wall are a great decorating strategy. 


Since there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to office design furniture, here are five general factors to consider before finalisation. 


  • Space – decide on how much space you would like to allocate for your furniture as it will determine what kind of furniture you should purchase for your office. 
  • Durability – Since furniture like filing cabinets and ergonomic chairs are long-term investments, getting durable and high-quality furniture that fits both your budget and overall style is of utmost importance. 
  • Colour palette – Colours are known to affect your employees’ overall performance and mood. Hence, order custom-made furniture that complement your brand’s image and existing decor. You want to be consistent with your overall style. 
  • Comfort – As employees are the backbone of your business, their comfort should be prioritised. Design an ergonomic work environment to boost a positive and productive work culture. 
  • Functionality – Before picking out the furniture for your office, consider functionality first. Do you need furniture for a collaborative space? Or are you creating multiple meeting rooms? How useful are lounge chairs for break-out areas? Different furniture serves different office spaces and functions. 


Designing and branding offices in Singapore with lounge chairs


Overall Layout


Your overall office space has the biggest impact on how employees and customers view your brand. For example, recent office design trends favour open workspaces as they encourage open communication and collaboration. Corporate companies that value democratic ideals would ensure the easy accessibility of each space. For brands or agencies that value creativity and fun, try incorporating video-game rooms and whimsical shared spaces to reflect that portrayal.  Always remember to stick to your company’s brand values and not the current trend. 


In summary, your office space should enable your employees to feel welcomed, comfortable, connected and invested in your brand without compromising your brand values. 


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