How is Technology Changing Office and Retail Interior Design

Dec 14 2021


Technology has been truly embedded in our daily lives. It is no wonder that businesses use it to their advantage in organising their operations, freeing up some spaces, and even attracting customers by letting them experience new technologies first-hand. If you are in the retail business, you must have technology trends that can keep you ahead of the competition. It can start with getting an interior design consultancy in Singapore. With this, you can secure a future-proof business!


Technology in Retail

Essentially, business owners in retail should know that the key to staying in the competition is to prioritise four categories, such as convenience, price, size, and speed. To get all of these in one, you should be looking at high-tech tools. Not only are they space-saving, but they are also cost-efficient that you would not want to be left behind! So, what changes have been made by technology that changed the interior design of offices and retail industry?


  1. It Allowed Customer Retention

Mobile applications have made it possible for retailers to drive customer retention with  customer loyalty programmes. When done right, you could be looking at a lifetime value out of your programme. Giving a variety of perks to your loyal customers can inspire repeat purchases and retention. You could go about giving them more than the usual discount and additional freebies that can come in vouchers or gift cards!


  1. Simplified Inventory Management

In the aspect of inventory management, space is limited. As a retailer, your consultant would possibly recommend you to get a commercial office renovation. Thanks to advanced inventory tracking, transactions are automatically updated in your systems and you can say goodbye to the shelves of records that occupy space in your office because it will all become virtual. With a renovation that revolves around giving you space to conveniently manoeuvre your inventory, it is a win for you! 


  1. Cashless Payments Gave Way to More Product Displays

With the absence of bulky and box-type projectors and televisions, retail spaces have more room to display their products. This newfound space helps create a more customer-friendly store layout design. Planning the new layout of your store is both an art and a science, and these skills are possessed by your hired commercial office interior designer! What you should take note of are:


  • The quantities of your products 

The number of clothes that you have in stock and how many you want them to be on display are impactful factors that you should consider when redesigning your retail store layout. If it helps to see the redesign of your interior from your consultant to help you decide these factors, you should express this concern to them so they can provide you with it.


  • Size of your space

The right floor plan can make any office interior design in Singapore a profitable one. Why? It can determine the attractiveness of your space to your target market and it plays a role in managing your store’s flow and traffic. Angular floor plans can mostly attract customers with a liking to high-end products, while a free flow plan can encourage customers to check out your other products due to its multiple angles.


  • Standpoints of your employees

Designated spots for your employees can make or break the appeal of your retail store. If you want your employees to follow customers around the stores to assist, you might want to display your products against a wall to create more space for traffic flow. Discuss this with your interior design contractor to know what is best!


Okamura as Your Retail Store Interior Designer 

Are planning on implementing contactless payments in your retail stores good? Hiring an expert in commercial office interior design in Singapore is your key in determining which spot in your store is the best place to put your kiosks or self check-out counters! The experts at Okamura are the ones you should be looking for. With their skills in commercial interior design, trust that they can increase customer satisfaction and promote shoppers’ loyalty by enhancing their in-store experience!


If you want to know more about future-proofing your office and retail space, feel free to contact them on their website!