How 2020 Influenced the Trends of Office Interior Design in Singapore

Oct 05 2021
Office Interior Design in Singapore


As we enter a new decade, it’s important to look at how this year of 2020 influenced the trends of office interior design in Singapore. See, design trends are constantly changing but many of these trends bring improvements to out-dated commercial office designs that are here to stay.


Moving into the end of 2021, commercial office interior design space ideas in Singapore will continue to evolve but will likely build on the trends that have been gaining traction in recent years. There will be a continued focus on spaces that are open and welcoming and that encourage a collaborative culture. Also, there will be a growing focus on sustainability, efficiency, flexibility, and designs that represent the brand.


As you design your commercial office space in 2021, consider these four commercial design trends:


1. Open floor concept

At the forefront of commercial office design ideas is the open floor concept. As collaboration culture has taken over the modern office, office interiors have followed suit. Open floor plans allow for flexibility and a variety of workspaces, especially with the lifestyle-changing pandemic where social distancing is important. An open floor concept yielded to a flexible solution to counter the spread of the virus and keep everyone safe.


Furthermore, one of the best ways to stay with the current trend of an open office design is installing glass partitions between workspaces and conference areas. The benefits of glass partitions include low maintenance and flexibility, allowing for a continuous office flow while still delineating a specific purpose for each space.


Additionally, glass walls, doors, and partitions can be customized to the needs of the office and most systems are demountable, meaning that they can be moved and reconfigured if the needs of the space change, along with your office desks in Singapore, they also add privacy without obscuring the overall views of the office to outside light.


2. Industrial warmth

Many commercial office interior designs are blending industrial designs with warm touches. Exposed brick, sliding glass barn doors, and cement floors create an industrial feel but the dark wood touches bring warmth to space. The open floor plan is separated into workspaces with glass partitions that encourage collaboration while still giving employees space to work. Creating unique spaces that blend industrial elements with warm touches creates a unique and interesting office space where employees can be inspired to do their best at work.


3. Sustainability and flexibility

Designing sustainable spaces is more important now than ever. One way to increase the level of sustainability is to increase the flexibility of the commercial and retail interior design in Singapore. The needs of an office are ever-changing, and remodelling to fit the current needs can be costly and wasteful. Luckily, there are options available that build flexibility into space from the very beginning.


Movable walls and modular systems are one option that allows for flexibility in offices. As the needs of the office and its employees evolve and change, flexible configurations are necessary. Rather than investing time and money in costly and wasteful renovation projects, installing movable walls and modular systems at the outset will allow for future needs to be met quickly and efficiently.


4. An abundance of natural light and open ventilation

To increase employee well-being and enhance sustainability, many commercial office designs are incorporating as much natural light as possible into their design. However, taking note of the defining attribute of 2020, which is the COVID-19, getting natural light with open ventilation ensures that the office is warm and well-ventilated enough. It not just provides employees assurance but also boosts productivity, workplace comfort and also helps combat the virus.


Being creative, safe, and functional is what 2020 taught everyone

Gone are the days of sterile office environments that left little room for inspiration and creativity. Commercial office design trends for 2020 encourage collaboration, protect the staff, increase employee health and well-being, and support the company culture and identity.


If you are interested with these commercial design trends for your office design, or if you are simply looking for office chairs in Singapore, visit our website, and let our experts help you today.