Factors to Consider Before Buying an Office Chair

Nov 22 2022
Factors to Consider Before Buying an Office Chair


An average employee spends about 45 hours per week in the office and most of the time is spent sitting on an office chair. With the right office chair, boosting employee morale, comfort and productivity is made possible. When it comes to aesthetics, the right chairs are a direct reflection of your brand’s image, forming a lasting impression of your office space. 


The good news? A wide variety of office chairs are available in the market today. However, finding the perfect one can be quite a challenge.  While good office chairs may be pricey, they are definitely worth the investment, taking into account the long hours both you and your employees spend sitting on them. 


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Before buying the perfect office chair, here are some things you should consider. 




Adjustability is one of the most important factors to consider when it comes to choosing the right office chair. Posture is everything, especially when sitting down for a long period of time. Bad posture mainly caused by unsuitable chairs, can lead to serious back problems, back strains, neck and shoulder pain, and even spinal issues. 


With adjustable features, adjusting the chair to your height allows your feet to rest comfortably on the floor and reduces the strain on your back. The office chair should also have an adjustable tilt mechanism that enables anyone to find his or her most comfortable reclining position, so you can move the seat forward or backwards to avoid slouching and encourage good posture.


Seat Material


When buying an office chair, you’ll want to consider which materials will hold up best. Office chairs shouldn’t require too much routine maintenance, but it is important to keep your chairs clean and sanitised. Vinyl and leather chairs can easily be wiped clean and are quite durable but they also tend to trap body heat over a long period of seating. Most offices also prefer mesh office chairs due to their breathable material which would be much more comfortable in a hot and humid environment. 




Ergonomics office chair Singapore


Ergonomic office chairs are a must-have in the workplace as people tend to be more particular and mindful of their health benefits. Sitting for long hours with the wrong posture can lead to musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) and pinched nerves in the shoulders, neck and back. These issues can be prevented with an ergonomic chair that has lumbar support. It helps you maintain the natural curve of your back by ensuring your spine remains comfortably at the right position. By effectively minimising all sorts of pain you might get from non-ergonomic chairs, workplace productivity can be improved in the long run. 


No doubt, office chairs are an essential long-term investment that should not be overlooked. They should serve as a key element in your workspace rather than a quick mandatory buy. Need more information and help picking out the right office chair in Singapore for your office? Speak to our experts at Okamura today and our team will attend to you.