Different Table Types for Office: What’s yours?

Oct 11 2022
Different Table Types for Office What's yours


Whether you’re writing, doing arts and crafts, using a laptop or desktop, or requiring an all-purpose work desk, you can definitely find a table that suits your brand, office and employees. 


There is no discounting the fact that a good office desk in Singapore can make or break your office lifestyle. So how do you go about getting yourself a good desk? Here are some examples of a few different types of office desks, giving you a better idea of what you may require. 


1. Writing tables


Writing tables are the most simple and basic type of office table in Singapore. They are simple pieces of furniture that allow you to pair them with your favourite ergonomic chairs. Incorporating a straightforward and simplistic design with the function of providing a work surface, they generally are not made with any drawers, in-built cabinets or any other storage components that other types of desks might offer. However, they do come in different designs, finishes and styles. 


2. Standing tables


If you are the type of person who thinks on their toes quite literally while you work, then the standing tables in Singapore are designed just for you. Standing desks are for those who don’t like sitting down for long periods of time in front of their laptops or desktops. Hence the flexibility of adjusting the height allows your monitor to be at eye level while you’re standing. 


Some of these are also adjustable tables where you can move them up and down to any height based on whether you sit or stand. To take it a step further, some would even install treadmills under their standing tables to exercise while they work.


Foldable tables work desk singapore


3. Foldable tables


Foldable tables are great for temporary desk needs and can be moved around often. They are perfect for times when you need to work from a location that does not have a proper working desk like your home. These foldable tables are lightweight and portable, making them easy to transport and store away with a surface that can be effortlessly folded down into thin spaces. Foldable tables are also available in various colours, shapes and finishes that will definitely suit your different aesthetic needs. 


When it comes to choosing an office desk, it is always recommended to take your needs and preferences into consideration, then selecting one that complements. Much like the employees in your organisation, these office and work desks in Singapore also have their very own purposes. To know more about office tables, their different functions and which is best suited for your office space, do contact Okamura today! When it comes to office furniture, we are without a doubt, one of the best providers in Singapore.