4 Ways to Create a Cosy Office Ambience

Dec 29 2022
4 Ways to Create a Cosy Office Ambience


Typical office workstations in Singapore are usually made up of plainly decorated rooms with bare walls, surrounded by cold colours, moody white lights, and boring furniture. If your employees work in an environment like this for too long, it would definitely affect their mood and well-being, directly impacting their performance and productivity. 


Therefore, offices have begun to take a welcoming approach that gears towards not only functionality but also employee comfort. To boost your employees’ productivity and establish a positive company culture, your office space should be comfortable and conducive where they can interact with clients and customers while working uninterruptedly. Here are some ways you can create that cosy vibe. 


1. Warmer Lighting To Add Comfort


Lighting plays a significant role in interior design as it determines how a space is perceived. It is the element that creates an atmosphere in the working space. Cool, white light is known to stimulate and promote concentration, indirectly influencing your employees’ mood and productivity. This light is usually used in offices, shop floors, workshops and executive offices where employees need to concentrate and focus on their job. 


Warm light on the other hand is more embracing and adds comfort to a space. This kind of light can usually be seen in areas such as dining rooms, pantries and collaborative spaces. With the right intensity and hue as well as well-designed lighting, your office space is bound to be cosier and more inviting which would then influence your employees’ working habits positively. 


2. Accessorise and Decorate According To Your Brand Image


To make your office space more comfortable, decorations are recommended to warm up the space, making it more lively. Colourful paintings, soft cushions, rugs, pouffes, and carpets in different materials, shapes, sizes and patterns will definitely add a unique character to your interior. You can also customise them according to your brand image and colours to directly incorporate your brand identity into your office space. 


Accessories on the other hand go beyond aesthetic purposes – they can have other functions as well. For example, a minimalistic, stylised warm lamp in your lounge area can accentuate informality, friendliness and invitingness, making the space an enjoyable one instead of a rigid, hard room. 


3. Warmer Colour Palettes For A Cosier Environment


Changing the colour palettes in your office is the simplest solution to achieving a cosy environment. All you need to do is opt out of the cool shades and choose warm ones instead. You do not need to go to the extremes and repaint your entire office. Painting just one wall or a part of it would do the job perfectly. 


4. Comfortable Furniture To Encourage Collaboration


Furniture lounge chairs lounge sofas


Since your employees spend most of the time in the office, 5 to 6 days a week, you would want to find furniture that is fun yet ergonomic, encouraging natural sitting postures that are better for the back and hips. Some ergonomic office chairs can even be customised based on the colour that you want to suit the theme of your overall space. 


To incorporate a collaborative space in your office where your employees can discuss ideas collectively or work comfortably, you can add furniture like pouffes, lounge chairs, lounge sofas, and couches. This can also be a space where your employees gather to relax when the day gets too stressful. 


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Based on these ideas, we hope you can get a head start on the essentials needed to create an office space that is inviting and comfortable, where your employees can work productively and efficiently. For the comfiest furniture for your office space, do check out Okamura’s range of office must-haves. From ergonomic chairs, and adjustable tables to lounge sofas, we have all the furniture you need to make your office workstation in Singapore a comfortable one. Contact us today to know more!