Undeniably, furniture plays an essential role in establishing the ambience of a room. Whether it is a workplace or your home, you must only choose quality pieces of furniture to produce the right ambience that you are aiming for.

4 Things to Look Out for to Determine the Quality of Your Office Furniture

Sep 01 2021

Undeniably, furniture plays an essential role in establishing the ambience of a room. Whether it is a workplace or your home, you must only choose quality pieces of furniture to produce the right ambience that you are aiming for. In an office set-up, a productive and efficient ambience is a necessity. Achieving this would not only alleviate the stress of your employees but would also impart a feeling of safety and motivation. With this, the gravity of deciding which pieces of office furniture in Singapore you must buy seems more palpable. It is not something to panic about, in fact, doing a little research about quality furniture could direct you to the right decision! 

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In this article, you will learn techniques on factors to look at so you can determine that the furniture in your cart is high-quality. If you allow it, this will serve as your guide in your decision-making process.


What to Look at When Purchasing Office Furniture?

Robust components, high-quality wood material, and distinguished structure are often the descriptions you would want to read in the details of a piece of furniture. Trusted retailers would also accommodate your questions about their certain products. Hence, choosing a furniture provider is an essential part of purchasing as well. If you have got that covered, you can follow these tips in determining the quality of office furniture:


1. Notch connection or wood joinery

When examining wooden drawers, you must look for their joints at the ends and corners. These wood joints would help you determine the strength, flexibility, and aesthetics of your furniture. When you see that a piece of furniture is assembled by incorporating joints, such as the dovetail or the mitre joint, you can be assured that it is built to last. As much as possible avoid wooden furniture that was only nailed or glued together since it cannot withstand weighty office objects and the test of time.


2. The legs of the table

Workplaces, even in your home office set-up, people put a lot of emphasis on desks as much as chairs. Now that ergonomic furniture is emerging, people stand in front of their desk since it offers plenty of health benefits than traditionally working while sitting. To ensure that a table can endure the weight of computers, laptops, and other working materials, you must inspect its legs. While metal legs look sturdy, they can tear up your flooring, and they do not hold up well. Legs should also hold your table at a steady level, meaning it should not wobble or creak. A quality office table in Singapore would also move as a solid unit, and how the legs are attached would appear that they were interlocked, not glued.


3. Fabric quality

Depending on your furniture preference, use, and style, choosing a fabric or leather upholstery is in your hands. While they may offer different attributes in terms of longevity and aesthetics, you can never go wrong with either of them. When choosing leather, here’s what you should note:


  • Choose top grain leather
  • Ensure that it has a protective finish
  • For coloured leather, see to it that it used a wax pull-up process because the colours would be rich and saturated


4. Its adjustability features

In the eight hours you spend in the office sitting in your uncomfortable chair, you may not feel any effects on your back and other body parts. However, in time, your physical health would gradually decline, and you would feel unpleasant body pains that can hinder your productivity. A chair’s adjustability features would help in locking your body in a good position. These features must be present in seat height adjustments, back reclining angles, and armrest height. Moreso, they should be easy to navigate to cater to your preferred sitting position!


Do You Want Quality Furniture?

The time you spend in determining high-quality office furniture will go a long way. Living in a time of a health crisis, there is no telling how long it would take to get the same safety in going outside to work. Investing in quality work from home furniture in Singapore for you and your employees will ensure that your business operations remain seamless and sustainable.


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