15 Important Interior Design Terms That Everyone Should Know

Sep 01 2021

Do you have a scheduled interior design consultancy happening soon? If so, there are a handful of terminologies that you should know to avoid disrupting your discussion with your prospective designer only to ask what they meant about adding an armoire in your office room. While it is their job to define or simplify concepts for you, it would not hurt—and it might save you more time—to become familiar with terms in the field of interior design.


If there are 15 words that you must know, you can learn all of them below!


1. Alcove

Space “carved” into a wall might be the best way to describe an alcove. It is a recessed, small space in a room where you can install more storage by filling it with a cabinet or mounting a shelf inside it. Usually, it is where you can fit your desk so that it does not take up space in your already small room.

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2. Focal point

One of the most fundamental elements in interior design. Also, it is called the star of the room because it is what guests will see in your office space. When determining your focal point with your interior designer, you can consider installing floor-to-ceiling windows because views can be an eye catching element. Some considerations may include a shelf of awards and certificates to highlight your businesses’ success.


3. Bespoke

Creating a product that is precise to your specifications or preferences is the best way to define what bespoke means. When talking to an office renovation contractor, for instance, you may consider a bespoke upholstery that has curved legs and tufted textile weaving. Having bespoke upholstery can uplift the overall office vibes to create its own uniqueness and business branding. 


4. Tailored

Synonymous to custom-made, tailored design allows you to achieve a collaborative office space that can fit your industry and culture. It can begin with purchasing flexible furniture and using technology to support a well-designed workplace. Discussing this with your interior designer would be easy if you already have a design in mind. Trust that they will enhance it or tailor it to suit your workflow needs.


5. Casing

Often used in designing a door opening, casing is used as the term to describe the trim found around the window or door opening. It is installed to cover the interface of their frame and the interior wall surface. Materials, such as wood, vinyl, metal, or other synthetic materials can be used to enhance the design.


6. Centrepiece

If you are into traditional commercial interior design, you may appreciate an office dining room with a traditional design. Usually, it includes an antique dining table with a centrepiece. A centrepiece is a display item placed in the focal point as an adornment. 


7. Chaise lounge

A chaise lounge is a French term for “long chair.” Also referred to as a long reclining chair, you can find it in a retail interior design store. They are often used as a bedroom sitting or sofa, and seen as stylish! Chaise lounge can also promote better team closeness during an informal meeting.



It is almost unavoidable to have a blank wall in your office where you cannot seem to find a decoration that would liven it up. Well, you can subscribe to the enhancing capabilities of a tapestry. It is a woven decorative fabric built in the course of weaving. They come in small to large pieces that can brighten up your office walls!


9. Colour washing

Colour washing is a popular technique to enhance old plaster walls. It is a process where a thin glaze is applied over the base coat of paint to create a brushstroke effect. Typically, it can feature more than one colour and utilise the different brush strokes to create an attractive texture.


10. Console

Not to be confused with video game devices, a console in interior design means “a table used along a wall.” It is a wild functional table often placed in the entryways of rooms used as extra storage. You can get it for your meeting or board rooms where you can place pamphlets and beverages.


11. Feng Shui

Feng shui is a longstanding Chinese philosophy that subscribes to finds balance and harmony between elements. In retail design in Singapore, you can observe that the cash register is diagonally from the entrance. It is an ideal position since it would allow you to see all customers who enter and leave your store.


12. Eclectic

If you are fond of furniture and accessories that come from different styles and periods, your interior designer would call your creativity “eclectic.” It is a style wherein it encompasses plenty of office design or style while creating a cohesive look. Thanks to the intricate matching of colours, textures, and shapes with the help of your interior design consultant.


13. Niche

If you want smart storage solutions in your office, you should talk about adding a niche to your wall. A wall niche is a small to big recess in the wall used for displaying a sculpture, instrument, or other decorative items that you want in the room. 


14. Faux

Faux is an imitation of an artificial material used as an illusion to make viewers think you have the real thing. It is entirely harmless to use faux materials, such as fur and leather. Retail designers would recommend using them in your display to enhance their overall appearance.


15. Pendant

In commercial interior design, pendants are lighting element designs and have become a trend as they are great for small spaces. They are hanging lamps that can add a personal touch to your office!


Your New Office Interior with Okamura

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